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LogoABCStudyABC Study on Heart Disease Association

The ABC Study on Heart Disease Association offers a scholarship to a health researcher to contribute to the advancement and realization of the ABC Study on Heart Disease Project.
The duration of the scholarship will range from three months up to one year, from june 2016 to may 2017. The commitment expected ranges from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 hours per week. Weekly time distribution will be established according to the needs of the project.
The gross grant amount ranges from 900 to 1800 Euros per month. The grant will be awarded on a monthly basis. The entire grant will be awarded by the “ABC Study on Heart Disease Association”.
Main requirements to be eligible for the scholarship:
1) Applicants must be 18 years or older.
2) Medical or biologic science graduation, experience in clinical cardiology or internal medicine will be a preference.
3) Interest in clinical research.
4) Good knowledge of English. Mother-tongue English speaking will be a preference.
5) Basic experience in data management.
6) Basic statistical knowledge will be appreciate.
Applicants should mail their CV to the President of the “ABC Study on Heart Disease Association” at: giube.s@alice.it.
Confirmation of receipt will be mailed to each applicant. The deadline to apply will be may 31st 2016.
You can find info on the ABC Study on Heart Disease Project on: www.abcheartdiseasestudy.org
For further info please use the “contact us” link of the website, or mail to: giube.s@alice.it.

The President of the “ABC Study on Heart Disease Association”
Cardiology Department
Conegliano Hospital (TV)

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