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This study would never be done without the help of many people who shared with us their knowledge and experience and passion.
To all of them goes our deep gratitude!

ABC Heart Disease Study Collaborators

Accorsi Franco, Cardiology, Conegliano; Bagato Francesco, Cardiology, Adria, Berton Giuseppe, Cardiology, Conegliano; Buttazzi Patrizio, Cardiology, Conegliano; Cavuto Fiorella, Cardiology, Bassano; Citro Tiziana, Internal Medicine, Conegliano; Civiero Jessica, Cardiology, Bassano; Cordiano Rocco, Cardiology, Adria; Cucchini Francesco, Cardiology, Bassano; Delise  Pietro, Cardiology, Conegliano; De Longhi Chiara, Cardiology, Conegliano; De Toni Renzo, Medical Clinic IV, Padova; Giacomini Giulia, Cardiology, Conegliano; Guarnieri Gianluigi, Internal Medicine, Conegliano; Katz Ethan, Quantitative Health Sciences, Cleveland, USA; Maccioni Antonio, Internal Medicine, Conegliano; Mastrosimone Stefania, Nephrology, Treviso; Mazzuco Stefano, Statistic Dptm, Venezia; Mbaso Sebastian, Cardiology, Bassano; Michelazzo Paola, Cardiology, Bassano; Mormino Paolo, Medical Clinic IV, Padova; Oliana Federica, Cardiology, Conegliano; Palatini Paolo, Medical Clinic IV, Padova; Pagliara Valeria, Internal Medicine, Treviso; Palmieri Rosa, Cardiology, Adria; Pellegrinet Marco, Cardiology, Conegliano; Petucco Stefania, Cardiology, Bassano; Pianca Sigismondo, Internal Medicine, Vittorio Veneto; Querzoli V, Analysis Lab, Adria; Sessa L, Analysis Lab, Conegliano; Sponton GL, Analysis Lab, Adria; Stefani Maria, Cardiology, Bassano; Zampieri P, Cardiology, Rovigo. 


The Nurses of the Cardiology Departments of Conegliano, Adria, and Bassano General Hospitals for patient care.



We would like to thank on behalf of all the nurses, (simply for being the very first two involved in the study …a long time ago!):

Paola Michelazzo,RN, and Jessica Civiero,RN, (Bassano del Grappa)


We are indebted to all the patients whose participation made this study possible. To all of them goes our deep gratitude.


Chief department - Acknowledgments

Veneto Region referee
Dr. Francesca Russo

Conegliano Hospital
Dr. F. Accorsi
Dr. P. Delise

Adria Hospital
Dr.  A.Caruso
Dr.  M.Licitra

Bassano del Grappa Hospital
Prof. F. Cucchini

Medical Clinic IV, University of Padova
Prof. C. Dal Palù
Prof. P. Palatini
Dott. R.De Toni


Thanks to the Medical  Researchers

Dott. Rocco Cordiano, O.C. Adria
Dott.ssa Rosa Palmieri, O.C. Adria
Dott. Sebastan Mbaso, O.C.Bassano
Dott.ssa Maria Stefani, O.C. Dolo
Dott.ssa Stefania Petucco, O.C. Bassano
Dott.ssa Fiorella Cavuto, O.C. Bassano
Dott. GianLuigi Guarnieri, O.C. Conegliano
Dott. Giuseppe Berton, O.C. Conegliano
for thefollow-up of patientsover the years!


Thanks to

Rosanna Cedran, RN,  Gilberto Paro, RN,  Lidia Mandaio, RN and Davide Lascala for the practical collaboration to the ABC program.



Thanks to the Doctors:

Marco Pellegrinet, MD,
Francesco Bagato, MD,

for working on our research !




... We are deeply grateful to Dr. Paolo Mormino for his assistence in statistical analysis since the beginning of this study…

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